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Ganbei 888 is built with changeable tokenomics, so the project can adjust to changing market conditions and trends.

  • 8% automatic rewards in BUSD
  • 4% added to liquidity
  • 2% to a marketing wallet
  • 1% to a development wallet
  • 2% max wallet size
  • 1% max transaction
  • Anti-bot additional sales tax for the first period of trading

How to buy Ganbei 888

Step 1: Create a wallet

Install MetaMask browser extension on your computer from Meta Mask and create a wallet.

Step 2: Purchase BNB

Purchase BNB using your favourite method, such as Binance.

Step 3: Open Pancakeswap

Like most BSC tokens, Ganbei888 is available on Pancakeswap – a secure and reputable decentralised exchange (DEX). On Pancake swap click on ‘Trade’ and enter our contract address:


Enter the amount

Enter the amount of BNB you wish to swap for Ganbei 888. The maximum transaction is 1% of total market supply.

Step 5: Set slippage

The slippage should be roughly 16% for a buy and 20% for a sale. But you might need to go higher in times of high volume. Having a slippage of, say, 40% does not mean you will pay 40% tax - it just allows for your trade to succeed even if the amount of tokens you would receive changes 40% from what you were quoted. High slippage gives your trade a better chance of success, but could mean you get less than you expected. Tricks: Add .00 to the end of the amount of tokens you are buying, you should be able to buy with 1% slippage. Add .000 to the end of the amount of tokens you are buying, you might be able to buy with 0.5% slippage. POOCOIN - You can buy through Poocoin. You can set the slippage to 'auto'.

Step 6: Swap

Press the Trade button. You will get asked to confirm the transaction in your Metamask wallet.

Our team

Martyn Chadderton

Ganbei 888 Founder

Martyn has spent over 20 years working in the tech, legal and education sectors.

Whitepaper & Roadmap

Our roadmap and whitepaper are coming soon.

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We have ambitious plans are going to do great things. To do this we need a great team. We are looking to expand our core team with those with a web development background. If you have relevant experience and an eagerness to get involved please contact us using the form below.

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